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In our days, home owners can simply exploit the power of the sun and convert it into functional energy for their homes. This is owed to current solar panels that are becoming more reasonable and efficient as an effect of new techniques. Unfortunately several regions do not have sufficient sunlight during the year and in some cases the sun is present for a few months during the year. As a result, solar energy cannot be relied in the lead to supply a full result for electricity power. Then again, it works fine but only as a supplement.

How Much Do YOU Want FREE Energy?

The notion of free energy from resources is a recent innovation and a big progress. Believe it or not, a machine that controls free energy was  created more than a century ago. The creator was none other than Nicole Tesla, he was and he still is considered by many people as the father of electricity. In 1899, at Shoreham, Long Island, Tesla did create a huge transmitter, a powerful machine that could switch radiant energy from the atmosphere to electrical energy. Then again, his radical creation did not obtain the publicity that he deserved, so he did remain in obscurity even today.

Instead of being delighted by this invention, the financier feared that it will have a huge impact on electrical companies, so he refused to fund his project. Over the centuries, numerous competent and reliable equipments have been created that did enable the switch of power from free reserves to electrical power. A Free Energy system was created with deep knowledge and precise attention. Such systems can be set up in your house without any problem and with a little knowledge. They will provide for you the energy that you require for several years. After you will set up this system, you can forget about electricity bills! Tesla was been obsessed with an idea to give the world with the free energy as well as went to work by perfecting generation of the electrical power without use of the solar, fuels, and wind. He will pull electrical power from “vacuum”. He will as well demonstrate transmission of the electric power without any wires.

After Tesla died, the government came in and confiscated all his files. They deemed Tesla an enemy of the US because of his Austrian heritage (even though he became a US citizen in 1891). And the invention was buried.

For over 90 years this ground-breaking invention was labeled a failure and sat collecting dust in the government’s possession.

The problem is that this system to generate free electricity – Powersave - was NOT a failure.

In fact, this machine WORKS and is so simple that it can be constructed with $100 worth of materials from your local electronics store in one afternoon. And no, you don’t have to hire an electrician or know an engineer to install it or figure it out.

I’m sure you are wondering, “just how easy is it to build?”

Well, if you can follow the directions and put together a bookshelf out of a box… then you can follow these directions and develop your own Powersave Energy machine.

Powersave and the real Power Saver

The worst thing you could ever do is blindly believe that the only way to power your home is through your local electrical company… because this is what they want you to believe.

For over 90 years this information was kept quiet. For over 90 years the most ground-breaking discovery in energy generation was kept from the American people because of the power that “Big Energy” holds. Don’t think that they will just sit back and allow ANYONE to generate their OWN electricity – That is why the complete plans to assemble your own “Power Saver” machine is offered here for INSTANT DOWNLOAD.

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We want these plans to reach as many people as possible and help millions of average Americans reduce their electricity bills.

With this revolutionary invention and less than a $100 investment, you can assemble your own energy machine in just a few hours’ time.  It’s time for you take the power and start saving money… and all you need is this ground-breaking guide. You are about to receive everything you need to get started…

The complete Power Saver guide with little-known facts about the machine and the inventor!

Detailed blueprints complete with diagrams, pictures and step-by-step instructions!

A checklist that details everything you need to get started!

Tips, suggestions and advice to help you cut your energy costs even more!

Resources that help you make your home as eco-friendly as possible!

This is your chance to make a difference, help the environment and save money!

There is no other option on the market today that even comes close to Tesla´s power saver method, affordability or ease of use. It’s time for you to step-up once and for all!

Powersave Instructions

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Question by javi0106: How does John Hutchison operates a tesla coil with only 75 watts to levitate a cannon ball?
I dont want to know how the levitation works but how does his tesla coil or apparatus works with just under 75 watts.All the tesla coils i seen work with mush more power than just 75 watts.

Best answer:

Answer by billrussell42
It’s probably faked. It would take a huge amount of magnetic energy to lift a cannonball. And a tesla coil won’t lift anything.


What do you think? Answer below!Question by Casey: How to turn a solid-state Tesla Coil into a Music Tesla coil?
I’ve recently finished a solid-state Tesla Coil, and I am interested in making it audio modulated, as to make sounds at certain discharge frequencies.
Is there a place I could find the designs/options to do this?


Best answer:

Answer by John
I don’t think so, a Tesla coil operates differently than what you are describing.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!Question by Sthepvan Senevirathne: How did Nikola Tesla created fuel less energy?
Nikola Tesla, the famed inventor of the nineteenth century, claimed that he can create energy without using a fuel and many scientists, today, agree that he did. How did he do it?
Don’t just say that he didn’t do it since actually, he did it. Just tell me how did he do it.

Best answer:

Answer by bob
Because the world is stupid

Add your own answer in the comments!

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